2018 Presentations

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U-M Rogel Cancer Director Eric Fearon, MD, PhD, delivers his plenary presentation during the 2018 JI Symposium.


Dogma, Paradigm Shifts, and Recurring and Emerging Themes in the Cancer Field
Eric Fearon, MD, PhD
Emanuel N. Maisel Professor of Oncology
Director, U-M Rogel Cancer Center

Precise Drug Therapy for Gastric Cancer: Current Status and Future Directions
Xiaotian Zhang, MD
Professor of Gastrointestinal Oncology
Peking University Cancer Hospital

Strategic Research Planning: Responding to Change, Securing the Future
Steven Kunkel, PhD
Interim Executive Vice Dean for Research, UMMS

Strategic Research Planning at PKUHSC
Ning Zhang, PhD
Vice President, PKUHSC

JI Project Presentations

Targeting Peptidyylarginine Deiminase (PAD) for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Severe Inflammation
Hasan Alam, MD
UMMS Section Head of General Surgery

Particulate Matter Air Pollution and High Density Lipoprotein Dysfuntion: A Pilot Study Involving the Global Range of Ambient Exposure Levels
Jianping Li, MD, PhD
Professor of Gastroenterology, PKU Third Hospital

Identifying Smooth Muscle Cell Specific Proteins as Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis of Acute Aortic Dissection
Zhe Zhang, MD
Vice Director of Cardiac Surgery, PKU Third Hospital

Effects of Diet and Genetic Factors on Gut Dysbiosis in IBS
Liping Duan, MD
Professor of Gastroenterology, PKU Third Hospital

Urine Protein Glycosylation and Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease
Subramanian Pennathur, MD
Division Chief of Nephrology, UMMS

Compartmental Analysis of Metbolite Profiles Associated with Disease Phenotypes in Chinese and US Smokers With and Without COPD
Kathleen Stringer, PharmD
Albert B. Prescott Professor of Pharmacy, U-M
& MeiLan Han, MD, MS
Professor of Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care, UMMS