Liver Disease Program

Chung Owyang, MD
Principal Investigator UMHS

Chung Owyang, M.D.

Division Chief of Gastroenterology Division
Director, Digestive Health Center
Lai Wei, MD, PhD.
Principal Investigator PUHSC

Lai Wei, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of Department of Liver Disease
Peking University People's Hospital

Liver Disease Program

While much progress has been made in the treatment and prevention of liver diseases, viral hepatitis (B and C), fatty liver disease, and liver cancer continue to pose a significant health threat worldwide, and are of special concern in Asia — the world's most populous continent. The unique partnership established by the Joint Institute provides scientists at UMHS and PUHSC an unprecedented opportunity to study liver disease in large, genetically diverse patient populations and undertake rigorous, translational research that significantly improves patient care.

In particular, the Joint Institute's research works to establish new strategies for treating and preventing hepatitis C by studying the molecular biology of the disease and identifying biomarkers to help predict and treat liver cancer. The Joint Institute also conducts research into the social, cultural and economic aspects of liver transplantation to optimize outcomes and make transplantation a viable option for more patients with acute or end-stage liver failure.